Brand: CSB

Battery Type: Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA

PRICE: CALL @ 01720-566000

Standby use

  • UPS power supply.
  • Workstation UPS.
  • Emergency lighting equipment.
  • Precision instrumentation.
  • Fire alarms and security systems.
  • Communications and electrical equipment.
  • Office computers, microcomputers and OA equipment.
  • Telemeters.

Cycle use

  • Portable measuring equipment.
  • Cameras and photographic equipment.
  • Various toys and hobby equipment.


UPS Series batteries use the latest wafer-thin plate technology to provide optimum high-rate (5-min) performance.

They are small and lightweight yet still deliver the power of larger batteries.

With more than 260 cycles at 100% discharge in cycle service, or up to 5 years

of standby service, the UPS series is the next generation of

high-rate uninterruptible power.

All UPS series batteries are rechargeable, highly efficient, maintenance free, leakproof, useable in any orientation and ISO/UL recognized.