Brand: Tate

Model: Aluminium Panel

Origin: USA

PRICE: CALL @ 01720-566000

The understructure for the aluminum panel has been designed to accommodate a variety of applications and offers two types: Aluminum head with steel bases and all aluminum. The understructure has three basic systems: Bolted Stringer, Cornerlock and Freestanding.

Used where nonferrous material is required.

Designed for seismic environments.

Base finishes - bare, epoxy powder coat or e-coat.

Axial load performance of pedestal assembly is a minimum of 8,000 lbs.

Standard finished floor heights available from 12" - 60".

Die cast aluminum panels meet class A fire rating

Contains no ferrous materials to disrupt magnetic fields

Conductive gasket ensures continuous conductivity

Excellent rolling load performance

Light weight for ease of handling

Choice of panel coatings: bare, E-coat, Epoxy powder coat, metallic finishes